Landscape Lighting Design in Houston

Landscape lighting design in Houston, TX.

Custom projects for landscape lighting design in Houston are unique to each individual home and customer. Unique Outdoor Illumination designers meet one-on-one with each customer to determine the proper effects that need to be achieved.

  • Are you wanting to improve safety and security?
  • Are you wanting to enhance the curb appeal of the home?
  • Are you wanting to set a mood and enhance the beauty of the landscaping?

Often, the answer is “yes” to all of the above. We can use specific landscape lighting techniques such as accent lighting, path lighting, LED lighting, specialty lighting, and garden lighting to achieve the desired results.

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Custom Landscape Lighting Project Plan

During the initial meeting, a walk through is completed with each customer to determine the customer’s needs and to share the designer’s ideas for the landscape lighting project. Focal points and the mood are identified. We try focusing on setting off the home as well as the natural beauty of the landscaping. Fixture choices and lamps are chosen based on the effects that we are trying to accomplish.

Custom lighting design waterfall in Houston.

One of the most common mistakes in our industry is when people “over light”. We employ the philosophy, “You don’t need a lot to achieve a lot”. We use soft subtle lighting to bring out features such as paths, plants, and textures and use brighter lights to bring out the focal points of where we want the eyes to move.

Our Outdoor Lighting Designers

After the plan is discussed, one of our outdoor lighting designers will complete a landscape lighting proposal. Our proposals contain detailed breakdowns of each section of the home to be lit with fixtures and supplies needed for the project. Once the customer has reviewed and approved the proposal, work will commence approximately 7-10 days after approval.

Outdoor lighting design for pool.

One of our installation managers will then work closely with our outdoor lighting designer to ensure that the installation is consistent with the original design. No work is sub-contracted. All work is completed by Unique Outdoor Illumination experienced employees. Lights are tested and a thorough walk-through is performed by our installation manager once installation is complete.

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100% Satisfaction

Once lighting is fully installed, tested, and reviewed, we have the customer experience their landscape lighting on their own for the next several days.  A nighttime adjustment is scheduled with the homeowner after installation. During the final walk-through, the customer provides our outdoor lighting designers with their comments and suggestions. Any adjustments are applied, ensuring that the customer is 100% satisfied with the project.