Landscape Lighting FAQs

Unique Outdoor landscape lighting

Q: What kind of warranty do you provide on your low voltage landscape lighting?

A: We provide our customers with a Lifetime Warranty on the low voltage landscape lighting as long as they are under our Yearly Service Agreement.
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Q: How do your fixtures stand up to the environment?

A: We utilize high quality & long-lasting fixture hardware in all of our landscape lighting installations. Our fixtures are sealed and stand up well in any environment.
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Q: When is the ideal time to get you involved with our landscape lighting design?

A: The ideal time for us to get involved is after the home is constructed and the landscaping is complete.
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Q: Will you be available to maintain my low voltage landscape lighting system after you install it?

A: Yes! We have highly trained maintenance crews available to keep your landscape lighting system in excellent condition. We also keep an extensive inventory of fixtures, components, and repair parts in our warehouse and on our work vehicles.
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Q: Do you use subcontractors to install your landscape lighting fixtures?

A: No. We do not use subcontractors to install or service our landscape lighting systems. Our outdoor landscape lighting systems are designed and installed by employees of Unique Outdoor Illuminations & Mosquito Pros.
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Q: How long does the installation process take from start to finish?

A: The installation process is completed in one day in most cases.
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Q: Will this increase my utility bill?

A: A low voltage outdoor lighting system may only increase a utility bill very minimally. A typical low voltage landscape lighting system only pulls 300 to 600 watts of power.
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Q: What is the cost of a typical landscape lighting system?

A: We will work closely with each customer to try and meet their budget requirements. Our proposals are detailed out so that the customer can see the price of each individual part and service needed. A typical low voltage lighting system can range from $1,500 to $5,000+.
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Q: Is Unique Outdoor landscape lighting high or low maintenance?

A: Unique Outdoor landscape lighting is low maintenance compared to other landscape lighting options. Our professionally certified employees perform any maintenance needed on outdoor lighting.
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Q: What are the benefits of low voltage landscape lighting?

A: Low voltage landscape lighting uses less power while remaining as versatile as any other standard landscape lighting system. The lighting uses less power than older systems that generate the same-looking lighting.
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Q: Does Unique Outdoor provide holiday lighting?

A: No, Unique Outdoor does not provide holiday lighting. We provide landscape lighting that is used all year long.
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Q: Does Unique Outdoor landscape lighting last through freezing weather?

A: Yes, Unique Outdoor landscape lighting lasts through freezing weather conditions. Our fixtures are treated to resist damage in practically any situation, including freezing weather.
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