LED Outdoor Lighting Design in Houston

Kichler LED low voltage lighting design

Kichler LED Low Voltage Lighting

Did you know that LED outdoor lighting can save over 75% on electricity?

Unique Outdoor Illumination is proud to offer LED landscape lighting!

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) landscape lighting offers many benefits for home and industrial outdoor lighting, including:

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LED Landscape Lighting Effects

LED Landscape Lighting creates stunning lighting effects using only a fraction of the energy of a standard halogen or incandescent landscape lighting fixture. We only carry high quality low voltage LED outdoor landscape lighting that replicate the lighting effects of standard landscape lighting. The quality of light produced is comparable to the halogen or incandescent look that customers are used to.

Switching from Halogen or Incandescent to LED Lighting

There are many reasons why people today are switching from Halogen or incandescent to LED lighting. Here’s some great facts regarding the money that really can be saved with LED lighting.

LED outdoor landscape lighting design

LED lighting offers customers a savings of 55% on average over the lifetime of their outdoor lighting system(s).

LEDs Never Burn Out

Instead, LEDs slowly lose intensity over a long period of time. When an LED landscape lighting fixture is rated at 40,000 hours, it means the LED will lose 30% of its intensity over the 40,000 hours. The human eye cannot recognize the change in brightness until the LED dims 30%. This means the LED will actually last for about 17 years.

Voltage Drop Not an Issue with LED Lighting

Voltage drop is not an issue with LED lighting. As long as the voltage at the fixture is within a specific range (i.e. between 8 – 13 volts), the fixture will turn on. The LED will always produce the same light output. Traditional landscape lighting would be very dim at 8 volts and very bright at 13 volts. With LED outdoor landscape lighting, the output will be the same at 8 or 13 volts. This means that the capacity of the transformer is now double what it would be with halogen or incandescent lighting.

Our LED Lighting Has the Warmth of Halogen or Incandescent

Our LED landscape lighting replicates the warm light of standard halogen and incandescent light. Standard halogen and incandescent lamps have a color temperature between 2800k and 3100k, which is a crisp warm light. Low end LED landscape lighting fixtures have a color temperature of around 5000k, which is a very white and bluish.

LED outdoor landscape lighting design

Save Energy with LED Lights

Our LED landscape lights use 75% less energy than a comparable halogen or incandescent landscape light, on average.

LEDs more energy efficient than incandescent.

All Kichler LED landscape lighting fixtures carry a 15 year warranty.

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