Outdoor Lighting Design Techniques in Houston

Our creative outdoor lighting design techniques bring Houston landscapes to life!

Kichler lighting design techniques

Unique Outdoor Illumination utilizes many different landscape lighting techniques to achieve the desired effects determined in the initial design process. We recognize that every job is different, so creativity is a must. Our expert staff of installers are trained and experienced in everything from low voltage lighting systems to more complicated mercury vapor lighting (moon lighting) systems.

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We offer a full line of landscape lighting to ensure we can meet our customer’s service and installation needs. Not only do we provide ongoing service to our existing landscape lighting customers, we can also take over service on already existing landscape lighting systems.

Outdoor lighting design at winery.

All work is done in-house by Unique Outdoor Illumination’s trained professionals. Some of the lighting techniques we incorporate into our designs are:

Low Voltage Lighting Design

Kichler LED low voltage lighting design

Kichler LED low voltage lighting design

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is utilized to create a dramatic effect that makes homes and landscapes come alive at night. Outdoor landscape accent lighting focuses light and attention on an object from the ground or a tree mounted fixture location. The object can be a shrub, tree, wall, or architectural feature like a gazebo, arbor, statue, or water feature. Accent lighting is available in a wide range of light spreads including uplights, flood lights, well lights, and mini and micro fixtures. The type of accent light is dictated by the mature size of the plant or the size of the hardscape area to be illuminated.

Low voltage outdoor lighting

Kichler Accent catalog

Path Lighting

Path Lighting enhances your outdoor environment’s beauty and safety. We offer a wide array of path and spread lights. Each light is designed to fit into the landscape architecture and shed soft and balanced light where it is needed without troublesome glare or hotspots. A standard path on an 18” stem will give 6’ of light around the fixture. Path Lights are used along sidewalks, stairs, and anywhere you may want to differentiate your landscaping from the home.

Path lighting outdoors

Path Lighting Gallery

Kichler Patch catalog

Specialty Lighting

This fanciful collection of irresistible decorative lighting brings the brilliance of nature to light. Create a focal point with an illuminated bird bath that makes an architectural statement, add a lighted planter to a garden wall, or define an outdoor dining area with a stylish chandelier. Coordinate your selection with our Garden Collection below for a unique and cohesive presentation.

Accent lighting landscape design in Houston

Specialty Lighting Gallery

Kichler Landscape Specialty catalog

Garden Collection

Let your imagination run wild with these 9 different inspiring collections. From the Cathedral Collection inspired by the graceful archways and intersecting lines of the classic cathedrals to the minimalist designs of the Zen Collection, there is something for everyone.

Garden lighting landscape design in Houston

Garden Lighting Gallery

Kichler Garden catalog

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Line Voltage Lighting

Mercury Vapor (Moon Lighting)

This technique is used by placing 120V fixtures at higher points in trees. The lights give off a very soft glow equivalent to that of a full moon. Mercury vapor area lighting can also be done with up-lights. These up-lights give a great contrast to the low voltage accent lighting.

There are many other landscape lighting techniques used to highlight the home as well as the landscaping. This is why it is imperative to work with a designer who is creative and well-versed in the ways of illumination. For this reason, all of our designers have 10+ years in the lighting business.

Cabin deck lighting landscape design in Houston.