Mist Away: The Revolutionary Mosquito Control System

MistAway Certified Dealer

Mist Away is an industry leader in outdoor insect control and mosquito misting systems. With cutting edge systems and innovative tools, Mist Away leads the nation in innovative and timely mosquito eradication systems. In fact, they are considered a household brand name with over 150 certified mosquito spray system installers in 14 states. As a regionally renowned enterprise, Mist Away also has over 15,000 systems in national circulation and use across the nation.

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to utilize Mist Away Mosquito Misting Systems. Unlike conventional techniques or portable systems, Mist Away is designed to eliminate mosquitoes from your backyard via pyrethrum-insecticide misting nozzles. With automated options and user-friendly features, your Mist Away system allows you and your loved ones to enjoy a mosquito free yard year round.

From drum based to tank less mosquito misters, customers are guaranteed the most effective mosquito elimination services on the market. Mist Away systems are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A, and feature the highest quality of parts and components. With best in class warranties, customers are assured peace of mind and unsurpassed quality. If you are tired of mosquitoes and other insects ruining your backyard barbecues and social gatherings, Mist Away systems can help restore maximum enjoyment and fun. Simply contact Mist Away or Unique Outdoor to eliminate mosquitoes and other critters this summer.

Why Mist Away?

Mist Away allows you to enjoy your backyard again. From evening cookouts to pool parties, this innovative system effectively controls and eliminates mosquito infestation. With advanced technologies, Mist Away far surpasses other competitor systems. This highly advanced unit simply emits insecticide from its nozzles. The result is mosquito elimination at its finest, along a formidable defense against infestation recurrence. While Mist Away Systems are primarily utilized to rid mosquitoes from your yard, they do not harm other friendly daytime insects. These cutting-edge units also leave no messy residue or film behind. With simple plug and perform options, now is the time to take advantage of this revolutionary mosquito control and prevention system.

Mist Away Systems

Mist Away Systems eliminate mosquitoes and other backyard critters.

The Mist Away Guarantee

Whether you choose the traditional Drum-based or GEN III+ Tankless unit, you are guaranteed the best mosquito misting system on the planet. With your choice of white, tan, or black colored units, you are assured a high quality appliance that provides care-free service for years to come. These amazing systems require no special plumbing as well. In fact, all you need is an available 110 outlet. With your Mist Away Systems purchase and installation, you are guaranteed:

  • Fully Digital Weatherproof Timer – allows residential and commercial owners to automatically control misting times. The unit can also be programmed to turn on at dusk or dawn; when mosquito activity is at its highest. Your unit is also designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and elements.
  • Automated Control – perfect for activating the system between scheduled misting times or when desired.
  • Lines and Nozzles – perfectly placed around the perimeter of your home or office property to ensure optimal coverage.
  • UV Protected and Available in Three Colors – white, tan, and black colors to meet your specific needs and tastes. The misting system can even be painted if desired.
  • Unique Misting Systems – your choice of traditional Drum-based units or the innovative GEN III+ Tankless System.
  • MistAway’s Superior Smart Technology – designed to deliver maximum results for residential and commercial properties. No other misting system or competitor on the market can match its unsurpassed performance and quality.
  • Professional Installation and Maintenance – Unique Outdoor is proud to employ Mist Away Mosquito Control Systems for our clients. Customers are guaranteed professional installations, along with the best in customer service and maintenance.

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