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Unparalleled Outdoor Lighting & Mosquito Control Services in Aldine, Texas

Established in 1996, the team at Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros has been proudly serving the commercial and residential clients of Aldine, Texas, and the surrounding areas with all of their outdoor lighting needs. Our technicians’ dedication to excellence and commitment to providing the best customer experience for our clients has allowed our name to become well known throughout the Aldine, Texas area.

We expanded our services in 2008 to include mosquito control. We know that the growing population of mosquitoes throughout the Aldine, Texas area is making it harder for individuals to enjoy their outdoor living spaces and increasing the threat of diseases. Our team provides the highest-quality mosquito misting services. 

At Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros, we are here to serve all your outdoor lighting and mosquito control needs.

Services Offered to the Residents of Aldine, Texas

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation Services

When it comes to outdoor lighting, our team has stringent quality standards, making us the leading authority on all outdoor lighting in the Houston area. Our technicians take pride in the quality of their work and are dedicated to not only ensuring that your home is looking its best at night but that it is also aiding to keep you and your family safe. We only use the highest quality fixtures and products and don’t cut corners when it comes to installation. Contact our team today for more information on the broad range of products and lighting design services we offer.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Services in Aldine, Texas

backyard with pool and plants lit up with outdoor lights

You have spent a lot of time creating the perfect garden. Every plant has a significant meaning for you and your family, and those plants should be honored and shown off, even during the nighttime. The dedicated team at Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros is dedicated to helping you do just that by shining a light on all of your hard work. Our garden lighting design services elevate the look of your plants by highlighting their natural beauty. We offer a wide range of garden lighting fixtures to choose from, allowing you to pick the perfect style to meet your needs.

Mosquito Control Services in Memorial, Texas

From monthly fogging services to comprehensive automatic misting systems, the team at Unique Outdoor Illumination & Mosquito Pros has the services you need to reclaim dominion over your outdoor living space. All of our operations are performed under the watchful eye of a certified applicator licensed in Texas. 

Regardless of whether you choose our MistAway system, which targets mosquitoes by spraying a specially designed insecticide at dawn and dusk, or our monthly manual fogging services to rid your property of mosquitoes, you can rest assured our team has you covered. Contact us today for more information!

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Our team is proud to serve the hardworking individuals of Aldine, Texas, and the surrounding communities. Contact us for more information on our services or to schedule a consultation.