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Consider this. Did you know that community volunteers picking up roadside trash are not only engaging in community beautification but are helping improve mosquito control throughout the area(s) they’re working on?

This actually applies anywhere, including your home. Mosquitoes need less than a teaspoon of water to breed, and removing trash indeed helps reduce mosquito breeding grounds.

Unfortunately, mosquitos are challenging to combat and fight

Mosquitos are dangerous because they’re known to infect humans with viruses, including the Zika virus, malaria, dengue, malaria, and other types of diseases, leading to millions of deaths annually. Both children and adults are at risk of mosquito bites while spending time outside, and vaccines aren’t available for most of the viruses that spread via mosquitoes.

Some of the measures you can take to protect yourself include wearing long pants and tops, applying insect repellent, and installing screens on your windows and doors.

Trash Makes Great Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Any trash that can collect water qualifies as mosquito breeding grounds, and that’s most trash. Cans, cups, bags, and boxes all collect water and breed mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are incredibly common around abandoned tires. Abandoned tires are great mosquito breeding grounds that definitely help retain water within an area longer after it rains. Trash cans should be covered to avoid water collection.

Take it from experts who are declaring that trash is attracting mosquitoes. One expert says that trash is what really could be attracting a plethora of mosquitoes in the Bay Area, for example.

“The Bay Area is rather a mess,” said Richard Duhrkopf, a nationally recognized mosquito expert and associate professor of biology in Baylor’s College of Arts and Sciences. “There are a lot of different kinds of mosquitoes that are active there… Not the least of which, there is a lot of habitat for them to breed in. There’s a lot of trash, a lot of abandoned tires, all kinds of things like that.”

Although trash and messes attract a lot of mosquitos, other areas that aren’t necessarily garbage can also attract the insects. This makes it easy for mosquitos to be found on many types of properties even if trash isn’t present or the area isn’t overly messy. Other spots that attract mosquitos include kids’ toys. Children’s toys are known to be dirty and can often have sticky surfaces due to juice and food from kids’ hands. This can attract pests and increase your exposure to mosquitos. 

Wheelbarrows or garden buckets can also attract mosquitoes because they can collect water and other types of environmental elements. It’s important to properly drain the items and even store them in a shed or garage to tidy up the yard and outdoor space. Clogged rain gutters attract mosquitos during the summer season, making it necessary to clean out the debris and remove twigs, leaves, and other gunk that has accumulated throughout the season. Even some types of plants that can hold a small amount of water can be enough to invite different types of mosquitos and cause you to get bit when you spend time in the front or backyard. Any items or lawn equipment that are not in use doesn’t need to be stored outside. Otherwise, it creates an unkempt environment where all types of critters are present.

Even bug zappers can lure mosquitos and cause more insects to be present on the property. They’re not ideal to use because they’re only effective in killing male mosquitos, leaving plenty of female mosquitos on the property. 

You don’t just have to have trash and debris present in the yard to create breeding grounds for mosquitos. Anything with nectar can also attract the insects, making it necessary to review the types of plants and flowers that are present in your yard. Tall grass and weeds also need to be cleaned up to avoid providing mosquitos with shade during the warmer seasons of the year. 

Regardless, Unique Outdoor Mosquito Control Can Help

Our experts are qualified to assist you in creating an environment that prevents mosquitos from finding their way onto the grounds. We can find specific areas on your property that you may not realize are attracting mosquitos to ensure your space is pest-free and where your health and safety can be protected from mosquitos. 

Proper mosquito control is also necessary to ensure the right treatments are used to ward off pests long-term instead of resorting to temporary solutions that are not as effective. 

We can give you effective mosquito control in your own outdoor space, regardless of any retained or surrounding water. Unique Outdoors provides state-of-the-art and reliable mosquito control in Houston. Contact us today for more information.

You can learn more about litter collection and how it is being used to safeguard against the zika virus via this link here.