get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are common in most regions in North America, so it is normal to wonder how do I get rid of mosquitoes. They are nocturnal insects and typically are most intrusive around dusk, just when people are going outside to relax. This makes them exceptionally annoying.

Where do mosquitoes and mosquito-born diseases come from?

Mosquitoes usually lay their eggs in the soil of an area where there is stagnant water. These mosquito eggs feed on the blood and excrete a greenish liquid from them. The reason for mosquitoes laying eggs in stagnant water is because it can be their home and their own water source.

Mosquitoes are very dangerous insects worldwide because they carry diseases like malaria, dengue and yellow fever. Humans can contract these diseases when a female mosquito bites a someone after having already bitten a person who has the disease.

Using a combination of natural insect repellents and a mosquito control treatment can protect your home or property from mosquitoes and the diseases or annoyances they carry.

Mosquito repellants and treatments

The repellents should work with your body to kill the mosquitoes. The treatment should penetrate the soil and kill any mosquitoes that may still be living there. Using both the repellent and the treatment together will give you more thorough protection against mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellant has been formulated for decades to prevent mosquitos from being interested in you. The most well-known is called Deet, and it has been around since 1944, repelling all manner of biting bugs and insects, including ticks and even leeches. 

If you’re looking for a more natural mosquito repellent, we provide natural and highly effective pesticides that can be sprayed in the air and the soil by our high-quality systems. This treatment will kill any mosquitoes that come in contact with the airborne or settled pesticide.

Natural mosquito protection

There are also some natural methods to protect yourself from the mosquitoes. These methods are more natural than the chemicals that you can buy at your local hardware store and typically cost less.

One method that is very effective is to use aloe vera plant extracts around the home. These plant extracts will also discourage the mosquitoes from coming near the plants. These plant extracts are effective against the mosquitoes because they will repel them.

Other natural mosquito repellants include Tea Tree oil, citronella grass, lavender, catnip, marigolds, rosemary and basil.


It’s true that simply growing the right plants and eliminating standing water on your property can go a long way towards getting rid of mosquitoes, but those efforts will only get you so far. To truly protect your home and yard against mosquitoes and other biting insects, contact us at Unique Outdoor and let us solve your mosquito problem.