Are mosquitoes ruining your summer? Don’t let these pesky critters wreak havoc in your yard–install home mosquito control equipment instead!

When the weather warms it’s time to head outside and enjoy the great outdoors. But if you have a mosquito problem, you could be sent right back inside just when you’re trying to do more outside. After a few months indoors, the last thing you want is to be kept inside, so what you need is effective mosquito control for your Memorial, TX property.

Why Effective Mosquito Control Matters?

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying pests. They can carry serious viruses which may harm your family’s health. Since mosquitoes are drawn to hot, humid conditions–like the average Texas summer–it’s crucial you take steps to remove them from your yard.

From monthly fogging services to comprehensive mosquito control systems for Memorial, TX residents, Unique Outdoor TX is a mosquito control company that you can count on. All our operations are performed under the watchful eye of a Certified Applicator licensed in the state of Texas for reliable and safe mosquito-fighting power while you and your family get to reclaim the outdoor areas around your home.

The Mosquito Control System You Need

You might be worried that there’s nothing you can do to handle the number of mosquitoes in your yard, but don’t worry–the MistAway mosquito control equipment can help.

  • Subtle design: The nozzles can be placed discreetly around your property perimeter, so they won’t ruin your landscape.
  • Safe spray: Our insecticide is kinder to desirable insects, like bees, than residual sprays and plant repellents.
  • Pest repelling: The spray is effective against other pests like fleas, ticks, and flies, too.
  • Low maintenance: We offer a service and maintenance plan for our home mosquito control systems in Memorial, TX, which means all you need to do is keep the solution topped up!

What’s more, you can control the nozzles from a convenient remote device, meaning you can time the spray cycles to suit your lifestyle–although we suggest you spray at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. 

As an automatic mosquito control system for your Memorial, TX property, the MistAway system is designed to relieve property owners of the burden of mosquito control. With the power to disperse mosquito repellent at the push of a button or on a defined schedule, you can hit mosquitoes when you need it most such as before that big backyard barbecue or when mosquitoes are most active at dawn or dusk.

With both a drum-based version and tankless designs, you can get the right MistAway system for your budget and your property’s needs.

Monthly Mosquito Fogging Service

For those that don’t want or need a mosquito misting system, fogging, or mosquito control spray, for your Memorial, TX home is an ideal way to rid mosquitoes from your property. Whether you’re preparing to have people over or you’d just like to get more use of your outdoor areas during the warmer months, monthly mosquito fogging is a viable, short-term solution to a mosquito problem.

Feel free to call us out for just one spray if you have a more limited need, or sign up for a few months for comprehensive coverage during the height of mosquito season. 

Contact or Call Us Today

If you contact us today, we’ll even give you a free quote for the most effective mosquito control system for your Memorial, TX property. With 20 years in the business, we know mosquitoes, and we can design the right mosquito control for your need.