In Cypress, TX, the best landscape lighting you can get comes from Unique Outdoor TX, one of the largest installers of Kichler Landscape Lighting in North America. We are committed to quality, to giving your yard the perfect blend of ambiance, beauty and security that you’re looking for in an outdoor LED lighting solution. 

The Lone Star State would be nothing without the stars, and you can enjoy them all in your beautifully-lit yard. Whether you are dramatically lighting up key features of your yard, like a great magnolia tree or waterfall, or lining the pathways through your backyard, you can do it all in comfort and style in your Unique Outdoor designed landscape.

Outdoor LED Lighting Services

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) landscape lighting creates innovative and evocative lighting environments in your Cypress, TX, yard, but does so with a much lower wattage than other lighting options, such as halogen or incandescent bulbs. Still, our high-quality low-voltage LED outdoor landscape lighting provides warm light equivalent to those halogen and incandescent lights.

Lighting your yard has never been more energy efficient, and that means more savings in your wallet. You’ll be able to have stunning outdoor views without worrying about your power bills. 

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Design Process

Walk Through and Discussion

When we take on a project, we do it from the ground up–literally. We start by walking the yard with you, taking in the existing landscape, learning from you what features you find important. We’re not designing a lighting scheme for us, we’re designing it for you, and we want to get all of your input in the process. Our designers are experts in their craft, but you’re the expert in how you use your yard. We cater to you.

Proposal and Installation

After getting all of your input, taking pictures, drawing maps, we go to the drawing boards and we figure out exactly what needs to happen to make your yard precisely what you want it to be. We come up with a proposal and bring it to you for your inspection and approval. Once you approve it, in 7-10 days you’ll get your lights installed and ready to enjoy.

Adjustments and 100% Satisfaction

But we don’t stop at installation. We come back for a final adjustment with you, at night when it needs to look perfect, and we make any needed adjustments. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and we guarantee it.

Lighting Options


Low Voltage Lighting Design

Accent lighting is the best way to highlight the most interesting parts of your property. It is available in a wide range of light spreads including uplights, flood lights, wall lights, and mini and micro fixtures.


Low Voltage Lighting Design

Path lighting is very functional as well as attractive. Use it along high-traffic walkways to beautify them and keep them lit to avoid tripping.


Low Voltage Lighting Design

Our collection of decorative lighting allows technology to compliment nature. Coordinate your selection with our Garden Collection for a unique and cohesive presentation.


Low Voltage Lighting Design

Whether you’d be more interested in our ornate Cathedral Collection or our minimal Zen Collection, one of our 9 garden lighting collections will be perfect for your property.


Low Voltage

​Moonlighting mimics the light of a bright moon by mounting lights at higher points in trees and casting light down from above causing your trees and property to glow.