Looking for residential landscape lighting in and near Houston, TX? We have low voltage lighting kits that are cost-efficient and won’t hike up your power bill.

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The Best in Outdoor Lighting

The Best in Outdoor Lighting

The best outdoor lighting is what makes your home and garden look professional. That’s why our lighting designers study your home for 7 – 10 days before delivering a proposal.

But as a general rule, the best outdoor lighting is energy-efficient and makes your home safe and charming.

So, we recommend LED lighting which, although more costly upfront, lasts up to 40 thousand hours. Also, it’s lighter on the power bill since it has a lower voltage than halogen or incandescent lights.

There are many types of fixtures you can install: step lights, path lights, downlights, well lights or even floodlights.

The ones that work best depend on the size of your home and the arrangement of your front and backyard.

Best Landscape Path Lighting

The best outdoor landscape path lighting is provided by lights that make the path visible but don’t overwhelm it with brightness.

The idea is to create a clear path to walk around safely at night while still being able to enjoy the moonlight and stars.

We recommend lamp posts with LED bulbs for pathways. For stairways, illuminate them with small step lights or step risers that subtly light up the path, and avoid any accidents.

About Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is all about showcasing your garden’s beauty.

The lights have to be carefully picked to make the plants look fresh and elegant. Too much light can create horror movie shadows and too little makes the plants and trees disappear.

Don’t worry. A high-quality landscape lighting kit makes your garden an inviting nighttime landscape; one which sets the ambiance for a delicious dinner with loved ones or even just to unwind on a bench.

Why Choose Led Landscape Lighting?

LED landscape lighting offers the best cost-benefit when it comes to outdoor lighting solutions: they last longer and use less energy to illuminate your home and garden.

The only downside is the cost, which upfront is higher than a halogen light.

But, remember that an LED light lasts up to 40 thousand hours, while a halogen bulb has a lifetime of just 2 thousand hours. That’s 20 years versus only 2 years! The cost definitely makes it worth the difference.

And since LEDs use less energy than other lighting solutions, they are more eco-friendly. A, LED light uses 1 – 11 watts of power while a halogen light uses 20 – 60 watts. You’re not just saving money, you’re also helping out the planet when you pick LED lights!

Looking for outdoor residential landscape lighting in Houston, TX?

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